Returns Policy

An item may be returned, after delivery, only if it meets the important following food safety guidelines:


Make all returns & credit requests within these time frames:

  • Produce & Perishables – Point of Delivery
  • Frozen items – 5 days
  • Dry Goods – 5 days


Chilled items being returned must be stored at between 0°C and 5°C and frozen items must be stored appropriately at -18°C or less.

Product & Perishables

Please inspect all ready-to-eat, produce, dairy, fresh meat and poultry products thoroughly at time of delivery. Due to product integrity and food safety concerns resulting from excessive handling, temperature control fluctuations, and other chain of product control quality issues, produce, dairy, fresh meat and poultry products are not returnable except at time of delivery.


Should a product present a defect or not meet expected quality standards please contact us for guidance. At Breagagh Valley Artisan Meats, we are dedicated to providing the finest and safest products available, and the peace of mind and service you expect and depend upon.

Returns Form

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